Hiya! I'm Chelsea Scholz – a marketer and storyteller from beautiful Vancouver. I'm passionate about leadership development, theatre and dinner parties. 

Currently, I'm the Marketing Manager of Brand Promotion at Unbounce.

I'm a brand strategist who's got an aptitude for campaign creation, video creation and project management. And I'm crazy organized. Like labels-on-everything-die-by-my-calendar organized.

If you're in the market to chat TOFU marketing strategy and brand loyalty, then I'm your lady. 





Marketing / Storytelling / Leadership

Campaign Strategy 

I build campaigns from the ground up; from whiteboarding to execution to post-mortem analysis.


I can measure the success of marketing initiatives using tools like Google Analytics & Kissmetrics.

Project Management 

I use tools like Real Time Board, Basecamp & Wrike to manage a project to completion & on time.

Email Marketing

I am a great email copywriter and employ systems like Mailchimp, Hubspot and Pardot to run/test nurture campaigns.

Content Marketing

I've written blog posts and marketed content pieces like ebooks with landing pages for lead generation.

Video Strategy

I've created video concepts (including writing scripts) with goals of lead gen, brand awareness and product info.

Influencer Relations 

I've worked with influencers to help promote brands and drive product adoption through relationship building.

Social Media

I've worked with social strategists to drive engagement on SM and explore new channels for community building.

I'm also a seasoned public speaker! I competed in speech arts competitions my entire life, and have gone on to speak in various capacities like Envol's Future Perfect panel on storytelling  and emcee'ing Unbounce's Call To Action Conference.

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Send me an email – I'd be happy to chat marketing, storytelling (or anything else)! :)

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